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Since his youth, Chris Montgomery has dedicated himself to leadership and ministry, navigating life's highs and lows. He is blessed with a loving wife and two daughters, Faith and Hope Montgomery, surrounded by a faith-driven family. While he has spent over a decade in education, Chris felt a profound calling to pastoral work and global community service, culminating in his Pastoral Ordination at 30.

Among his many ministry positions, Chris has served as the Campus Pastor for Brave Church's flagship location, Global Student Ministries Director for Pathway Church, Communications Director for Christian Evangelical Churches of America, Elected Chairman of the Board for California/Nevada State and Youth Discipleship within the COG; to name a few.

Chris wears many hats, including Husband, Son, Brother, Mentor, Teacher, Business Owner, Artist, Scientist, Communicator, Executive, and Pastor. However, his dearest title is "Friend of God," reflecting his fervent dedication to sharing Christ's teachings and compassion.

Michael B. Knight

President & Founder


Senior/Lead Pastor, February 2000 – Present 

  • Started a nonprofit organization titled, CCC with multiple sociologically driven outreaches and community cooperative events in the Western Kentucky area. The organization started with five leaders on August 15, 2000.

  • Provided leadership for the direction of 1,300 people, yearly Easter attendance topping 1,800

      Planned vision and oversight of 34 employees

  • Led an executive team in strategic direction and implementation of our values, visions, and mission

  • Raised funds and managed a budget of $1.5 million annually

  • Had oversight of $6 million in property that sits on five acres

  • Directed and maintained oversight of more than 300 volunteers

  • Hosted multiple community events each year with top attendance nearing 6,000.

  • Had oversight of three additional businesses owned and operated by CCC, Fun4Kidz, Covenant Capital, Waumba Land Day Care, Cups Coffee Bar, and The Promise Bookstore

  • Oversees and implements the pastoral development of more than 2,000 pastors who come for CCC training events, etc.

  • Registered and mobilized hundreds of people to vote in each election, met with candidates, and exposed them to the 1,300 people of CCC.

  • Started and operated Covenant Care a nonprofit organization to engage the poor of Western Kentucky. Provided training, and monthly food distribution.

  • Counseling in crisis, death, addiction, family, etc.

  • Led and mobilized in conjunction with Tri-State Alliance (LGBTQ) and the evangelical CCC to confront HIV/AIDS in the tri-state area, raising nearly $20,000 dollars each Christmas. More than 400 serviced annually.

  • Led CCC to become a corporate sponsor, along with Old National Bank, for the Annual HIV/AIDS Banquet in Evansville, Indiana, which covers Illinois, Kentucky, and Indiana. 

      Developed a monthly counseling program which services Western Kentucky.

      Developing The Center for Global Adolescent Studies in conjunction with Patton University


Global Organization: Corporate Board Secretary/Treasurer, Development of Emerging Young Leaders, January 2014 – Present 

  • Largest pastors network in the world. Started by the late Bill Bright (Campus Crusade for Christ) and Dr. James O. Davis

  • Serves over 1,500 denominations and networks and nearly 500,000 pastors.

  • Helped develop The Global Learning Center which has over 50,000 subscribing church leaders/pastors. Eighty percent of all lecturers hold an earned doctorate degree. Dr. Elmer Towns is currently the dean.

  • Traveled extensively around the world with Dr. Davis in the training of indigenous leadership throughout most continents.

  • Served and implemented planning for the North American Synergize Summit every two years. Thousands of pastors attend this three-day event for training.

  • Served and planned the 500-Year Martin Luther Anniversary Summit in Germany in 2017.

  • Directing the organization’s 2030 goals for reaching a younger generation globally in all continents. 

  • Started the training systems for those who work with the young and outstanding young leaders around the globe titled, “Emerging Young Leaders.”


State Chaplain, Boys State, 2019 – Present

  • Started this new role

  • Character development with Kentucky’s brightest young men at Campbellsville University 

  • Met, led, and conversed with hundreds of adolescent boys about the future vision of their lives

  • Helped to train and equip adolescent boys who desire a possible political future


Founder and President of The Never Before Project, August 1991 – Present 

  • Started this global organization

  • Led the implementation of values, vision, and mission in the NBP organization, which exists to network and develop international leaders of the young and those who are young leaders in development

  • Led the development of an international network of leaders who work with the young

  • Led the development of an international network of young men and women for leadership development

  • Directed the vision and implementation of four distinct divisions of NBP—Intellect, Leadership, Compassion, and Reform—through media communication; leadership development; international network of adolescent professionals, scientific research center, and apologetics.

  • Currently navigating the creation of a new science of Pentecostal/Charismatic Adolescents (PCA) and leading the first ever national scientific survey of this sociological group

  • Created and led the development of The Global Coaching Network. This network exists to train/coach leaders on a global scale.

  • Led national scientific research studies on Generation Z, using SPSS and quality controls, both nationally and internationally with adolescents ages 12–28.

  • Developed collegiate-level curriculum for Lee University for its online educational systems.

  • Strategizing with adolescent professionals throughout the world on best practices for adolescent development.


Missional University, Department Chair of Emerging Young Leaders, 2017 – July 2020

  • Aiding in the starting of this global university

  • Currently serving as Department Chair of Emerging Young Leaders

  • Writing curriculum for eight collegiate classes on Emerging Young Leaders

  • Developing a global university from the beginning stages.

  • Working directly with the dean of Missional Living, Dr. Kerry McRoberts.

  • Leading four to five additional professors. 


National Director of Church Planting for the Church of God (Cleveland, TN), August 2005 –August 2012 

  • Started this role for the 8-million member, 183-country denomination.

Served and led under the direct supervision of the International Executive Committee by the request of the General and First Assistant General Overseer of the Church of God—Dr. Dennis McGuire and Dr. Orvil Hagan. The Church of God has nearly 8-million members located in more than 183 countries.

  • Created and planned training, coaching, and the development of resources for office staff and marketing for church planters within the 8-million-member denomination.

  • Created, wrote, designed, and marketed, four distinct training models for the denomination: (1) Lab One: Basis101 Church Planting Knowledge for the Beginner; (2) second season church planters who have at least five years of planting experience on the ground; (3) True North Lab, which trained pastors to revitalize existing or stagnated congregations; and (4) Mother/Daughtering Churches—worked directly with DCPI (Dynamic Church Planting International) as a master trainer. Through these four events, more than 2,500 leaders were formally trained in a three-day intensive program.

  • Serviced and coached hundreds of young church planting leaders throughout North America

  • In September 2010, became the chairman of the International Church Planting Task Force for the Church of God at the request of the General Overseer of the Church of God, Dr. Raymond Culpepper. 

  • Led a team of six to create, design, and present the strategic plan for Church Planting for the Church of God denomination. The plan was presented at the General Assembly in Orlando, Florida, and adopted by the 20,000 delegates of the Assembly.


National Youth Director for the IPHC, (Denomination, 2.5 million) August 1997 – August 2000 

  • Started this role for the 2.5 million-member denomination.

  • Led the creation of values, vision, and mission for the denomination’s National Youth Department as youth director.

  • Led a national team to implement vision. 

  • Served youth leaders and youth in all fifty states of this 2.5 million-member denomination.

  • Planned and marketed the National Youth Convention called Youth Quest with attendance topping 5,000 adolescents in Daytona Beach, Florida. The national attendance previously was 700.

  • Planned and developed inner-city outreaches in Daytona Beach, using event participants.

  • Planned , wrote, designed, and marketed, multiple national training events for the denomination’s youth leader and youth leadership

  • Developed and designed the new/first national youth missions fund-raising program—Global Quest—for the denomination.

  • Wrote, developed, and designed the program for a national youth movement called A.O.A.

  • Wrote for One Accord Resources as a Sunday school literature writer for adolescents and junior high students, as well as a monthly contributor to the denominational Christian education magazine called, The Christian Connector.

  • Counseling in crisis and leadership development

  • Led and developed thousands of leaders who worked daily with adolescents.


Senior/Lead Youth Director of Lenexa Christian Center, August 1995 – August 1997 

  • Oversaw the redevelopment of 75 adolescents into a 700-member youth congregation for the 4,000 Lenexa Assemblies of God, in Kansas City, Kansas.

  • Oversaw the training and development of more than 80 volunteers

  • Eventually led the development of a full-time staff of three people with five interns

  • Eighty percent of volunteers held a college degree, while 15 percent held a master’s or doctoral degree

  • Published a monthly newsletter to the 4,000-member church called, Destined to Win

  • Trained volunteers weekly on the issues of adolescent science, religion, and leadership

  • Developed and designed an additional youth group of 250 inner-city adolescents called, Urban Destiny

  • Developed a third outreach service of approximately 100 teens incarcerated at the Johnson County Juvenile Justice System

  • Served on the Johnson County Juvenile Justice Family Intervention Board

  • Hosted and planned a camp for more than 300 teens in a week-long excursion

  • Counseled hundreds of adolescents and performed administrative duties

  • Planned multiple trips, services, and trainings for the 700-member youth congregation


Group Home Counselor: Bachman Home for Boys, Cleveland, TN, 1993 – 1995

  • Led and directed the care for 12 boys as a group-home counselor

  • Counseling and care of adolescent boys and additional adolescents within the center

  • Worked with the development of Level Three, Group Home for Boys for the State of Tennessee


Director of Mission America, Nashville, TN, February 1993 – January 1995 

  • Started this social justice mission.

  • Directed the mission outreach for Nashville, TN.

  • Directed feeding programs, drug and alcohol counseling, outreach to the state-operated rest home, Theo, as well as a clothing distribution and sidewalk Sunday school program.

  • Planted a church that grew to 250 from the outreaches to the poor

  • Counseling in crisis intervention services

  • Developed outreaches to homeless, and transient people in the Nashville area.


AODA Counselor for Department of Labor Job Corp System, January 1991 – January 1992 

  • Help to establish the AODA program for the world’s largest Job Corp program (2,500 students) in Morganfield, Kentucky. Earle C. Clements Job Corp in the Greenville Center (300 students)

  • Led group therapy sessions and carried a daily counseling load. Directed drug testing and confrontation sessions. Planned drug testing and a rehabilitation program for adolescents.


Associate Pastor, Victory Church, January 1991 – April 1993 

  • Started this role

  • Helped to build a congregation of 30 people to 300 people

  • Responsible for creating and establishing a Christian education program for all ages. Established both the youth and children’s program with appropriate bus ministry.

  • Established multiple community events


Northwood Temple Youth Director, Fayetteville, NC, January 1989 – August 1991

  • Redeveloped this role for the 4,000-member congregation

  • Planned and implemented the redevelopment of a 55-member youth group to a 450-member youth group.

  • Planned numerous retreats, training of volunteers, and weekly youth outreaches, etc. for this 4,000-member church

  • Worked as a chaplain during the Desert Storm Initiative in conjunction with Ft. Bragg


Volunteer Youth Pastor of Miracle Temple Church of God, May 1985 – January 1989 

  • Started this role

  • Developed and established a youth group of 80 adolescents from scratch in this 100-member church.

To download Dr. Michael Knight's Bio and Marketing information, please click here.

Dr. Blayne Waltrip

Vice President of Education

Dr. Blayne Waltrip and his wife, Angie, served as missionaries for several years in Europe and

are now allocated as global missionary educators. In Europe, the Waltrips worked with

church planting, youth ministry, evangelism and ministerial development in France and

taught at the European Theological Seminary in Germany. In 2011, Dr. Waltrip taught

one year as “Missionary-in-Residence” at Lee University. He also finished his Ph.D. in

Intercultural Studies that year at Fuller Theological Seminary. They have a beautiful

thirteen-year-old daughter, Noëlle.

Dr. Waltrip is currently Assistant Professor of Global Mission and Church Development

on special contract at the Pentecostal Theological Seminary and teaches online for Lee

University. With the main focus of missions, they teach and train around the world

as global missionary educators. They teach the next generation at several Bible schools

and seminaries, including SEMISUD (South American Seminary) in Ecuador, ASCM

(Asian Seminary of Christian Ministries) in the Philippines, ETS (European Theological

Seminary) in Germany and several other mission schools. In addition, Dr. Waltrip trains pastors, leaders, missionaries and church planters in churches, seminars and conferences. He is also involved in various mission projects, such ashelping leaders launch new schools of ministry in Australia, Ireland, Scotland and throughout Europe, launching the Asia-Pacific School of Mission to train missionaries for

Asia in three nations, and partnering with CTM in Brazil and SEBIMA in Argentina to

launch a certificate to train Latin American missionary church planters to reach the global

harvest. Dr. Waltrip speaks French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

Warren Beemer
Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 1.05.22 PM.png

Exec. VP of Youth Ministry

Since his first official position in ministry, Warren has had the privilege of working and consulting with some of the largest and smallest churches and youth groups in America. Youth and children’s pastoring, both denomination and non-denominational churches alike. In the areas of evangelism and consultation, Warren has ministered to youth and adults across the United States, Central America, Europe, Middle East, South America, and Africa. 
From September 1996 to August 2008, Warren served as the Youth Pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas under Pastor John Hagee. His ministry at Cornerstone grew from 80 to 1000+ youth with thousands more attending at special events and outreaches he hosted. He also developed a wide range of ministry for youth, from discipleship to evangelism, having 800 in small groups across the city on a weekly basis and monthly outreaches to the city that saw hundreds come to Christ every year. His ministry has focused on evangelism, discipleship, and community involvement. Warren has been featured on Christian radio and TV stations such as TBN and in many different secular mediums such as People Magazine, ABC’s Good Morning America, the Oprah Winfrey Show and numerous International media outlets.

Blake Harris

Directior of Social Media & Administration

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Tammy Underwood

Chief Financial Officer

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Chris Montgomery
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Global Director

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