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Core Beliefs

What we believe is crucial for us as we engage this next generation, because beliefs are most often formed when one is very young. Furthermore, in this pluralistic, syncretistic world where nothing is definitive in the church, it is time to take a stand in love if we desire to change this generation. Social science actually proves the power of loving, godly, dogma.

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What we Believe:

  • The Bible is God's Word

  • God is the Creator of the world.

  • Jesus Christ is the Son of God and fully God. And thus the only way to heaven.

  • The Power of the Holy Spirit.

  • The Human Condition and its need for salvation

  • Grace

  • The Church locally, nationally, and globally.

  • Holy Christian Living

  • Christ's return

  • Response and Eternal Destiny

  • The Scientific aspects of creation

  • Compassion

Click the button below for bible verses backing our beliefs.

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