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About Lethal Faith

What is Lethal Faith?

The more common use of the word lethal is "devastating; causing death." However, Dr. Michael B. Knight uses the term lethal as meaning "very potent, or effective" as it pertains to faith. Dr. Knight, as well as the Never Before Project, believes in the fundamental idea: it is necessary to have a potent and effective faith in order to help stand the tests and trials of this life, especially for today's generation.


Have you noticed how many children and youth in your church are leaving the Christian faith? They constantly battle questions like:

"If God is all-powerful and all-knowing, why does He allow so much oil and suffering in the world?"

"Is there any evidence that can prove creationism?"

"Can the Bible be trusted as history?"

These questions, among others, are asked by children who have attended church faithfully, yet do not have any resources to back up their faith. Belief is inevitable and centra to retention, because the values of your child are set by age six, while the worldview of your child is set by the age of thirteen.

Students aren't learning their worldview at home; they are learning it at school.

It is a lethal mistake to try to restore cultural relevancy without restoring biblical relevancy. We have strategic resources to answer the questions and ideas that allow leaders to help combat what science and the world are trying to instill in our children.


Did you know that there is evidence that proves the Bible is an accurate historical book?

Lethal Faith breaks down, through scientific and strategic training courses, information and techniques that can arm you with the ability to defend your faith!

Boldly proclaiming that we've lost our last child from the church, Lethal Faith provides a fighting chance for every student, parent, and those who lead them to stay strong in the faith. We don't have to lose this war: it is a winnable war - if we can properly educate not only ourselves, but also our children to the historical truths found within Scripture. Then, and only then, can it become a Lethal Faith.

About the Founder, Author and Speaker

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Dr. Michael B. Knight

Books By
Dr. Michael Knight

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Bulk Prices for Lethal Faith Vol. 1 are Available!

Please contact The Never Before Project office for more information!

Conferences, Curriculum & Resources

According to research from multiple academic institutions such as Notre Dame, Fuller, Barna, Princeton, AIG, the Never Before Project, and the American Research Group, today's church is facing an uphill battle to keep the faith, regarding our own Evangelical children.

What is a student, parent, or local church to do?


How should we respond to the multiple attacks against the trustworthiness of Scriptures, the uniqueness of the earth, the amazing human body, or majestic purpose found in life?


Why are we to say as to why a good God allows evil?

Hasn't archaeology and German Higher Critics debunked the so-called history of the Bible?

How shall the church respond to these accusations anymore?

Here is what we do know. Not answering these questions is sealing the spiritual lid on the coffin of our children's faith. We can answer these and many more questions!

Lethal Faith is a new curriculum from The Never Before Project for students, families, those who lead them, and local churches. It's a missional apologetic tool to enhance the retention of the faith of this generation. Research shows that those who have been taught the Scriptures and attend Sunday school are the least likely to believe that the Bible is true; thus, they are more likely not to have retained their Christian faith. However, when we change our strategy and begin to teach the Scripture as a historical fact and provide solid intellectual responses to these questions at a young age, retention of faith increases!

Through multi-visual experience, the Lethal Faith Conference Tour offers many resources to help answer questions and enhance retention and stop attrition.

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We are currently scheduling conferences in your area. Whether it is one day, one service, a weekend or a week, Lethal Faith will keep the attention of your students/families and leaders, hitting them right where they live. Moved by sound, visuals, and power of the Word of God these presentations will shock, awake, mobilize and encourage all those who hear it.

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Many Christian leaders are at a loss regarding what they need to do to stop the hemorrhaging among their children who are leaving their faith and local churches. Empower your volunteers today! This fast-paced multimedia presentation is built on the latest science regarding retention and attrition from some of the best social scientists of the field. KNOW what you need to do to increase retention in the adolescents in your church!

Choose A Powerful Training Subject For Families, Leaders, or Students

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How to Sponsor A Lethal Faith Experience

Answer the Questions Your Families are Silently Asking about Their Faith

Here's how:

1. CHOOSE a date and time length for your event


2. SELECT one or more of the 12 scientific training courses above.


3. CONTACT The Never Before Office!

DJ Roberts | 1055 N. Main St. | Madisonville, KY 42431

270.824.3513 | |

4. PROMOTE the event!

Once you've contacted The Never Before Project office, you will be sent the promotional media to get the word out about your event! The Never Before Project will supply a video announcement to put into your announcement carousel free of charge. These exciting videos were filmed live at hundreds of biblical archaeological sites around the world.

Promotional Resources

Radio Spot  |  Video Announcements  |  Participatory Handout

Posters & Custom Digital Flyer  |  Merchandise Table  |  Media Kit

With this information and strategy, you will have the ability to successfully market this event so that your children, parents, and those who lead them can be equipped with Lethal Faith!

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