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This network is an army of trained, equipped, and competent people, organizing each inch of this globe to focus on the strategic development of leaders committed to the evangelism and discipleship of the next generation.


Our mission is to synergize global relationships with those who work with adolescents in Christianity for the purpose of stopping attrition, strengthening retention, establishing evangelism, and ensuring reproductive discipleship to the next generation. 

Why Is There a Need for The Grid?

1. Synergize community and best practices.

2. A voice and representation regarding the salvation of adolescents and the crucial need for their discipleship. 

3. To provide knowledge about faith retention and strategies to stop attrition to the church, parents, and students themselves. 

4. To build a movement dedicated to these four things:

  • Evangelism of adolescents.

  • Competency of discipleship.

  • Establishment of knowledge in church, parents, and students themselves about how faith is retained.

  • Equipping these same leaders for what actions they can take to stop attrition.

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