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It is the human DNA that carries the genetic information which instructs the
development, functioning, growth, and reproduction of all the body's organs. DNA is
contained in what we call, genomes. For TNBP to build a global relational network that makes a strategic difference, we must be clear about what our DNA transmits, less we reproduce without forethought. Therefore, the DNA of The Never Before Project is simple, clear, focused, and precise.

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          The DNA of a human body can tell you much about the individual. DNA codes genetic information for the transmission of inherited traits. At TNBP we do not want to reproduce who we are not, and we desire to reproduce only those things that are considered effective for the fulfilling of the Great Commission among adolescents through strategic discipleship, evangelism, and by empowering those who lead them. This baseline foundation for TNBP must then be founded upon a sure knowledge—Scripture.

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