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According to research from multiple academic institutions such as Notre Dame, Fuller, Barna, Princeton, AIG, The Never Before Project and the American Research Group, today's church is facing an uphill battle to keep the faith in the faith, regarding our own Evangelical children. What is a student, parent, or local church to do? How should we respond to the multiple attacks against the trustworthiness of Scriptures, the uniqueness of the earth, the amazing human body, or majestic purpose found in all of life? What are we to say as to why a good God allows evil? Where did the Bible come from? Hasn't science disproven the Scriptures? There is no reason to life or purpose for man. Archaeology and German Higher Critics have debunked the so-called history that Jesus Christ ever lived! How shall the Church respond to these accusations and more? Here is what we do know. Not answering these questions is sealing the spiritual lid on the coffin of our children's faith. We can answer these and many more questions!

Lethal Faith is a new curriculum from The Never Before Project for students, families, and local churches. It's a missional apologetic tool to enhance the retention of the faith of this generation.

Research shows that those who have been taught the Scriptures and attended Sunday school are the least likely to believe the Bible is true, thus, they are more likely not to have retained their Christian faith. However, when we change our strategy and begin to teach the Scripture as a historical fact and provide solid intellectual responses to these questions at a young age, retention of faith increases!

Lethal Faith will help you answer

  • Hasn't the Bible been proven wrong by archaeologist and German Higher Criticism?

  • If God is so good and all-powerful, then why doesn't He do something about all the evil and suffering going on in the world today?

  • My science teacher told me that there is nothing special about the planet Earth. We are just one of billions of planets, right?

  • Man is just another animal. There really is no difference between him and a monkey?

  • Men wrote the Bible and rewrote it over thousands of years, therefore, it certainly cannot be trusted, can it?

  • There is no historical proof that Jesus Christ was ever a real individual, correct?

  • Animals evolved by accident; therefore there is nothing unique about their purpose and design?

  • Lethal Faithaddresses archaeology in both the Old and New Testaments; the power of cosmology and its message that God is a God of love; the process of how we received our Bible (canonization) in both the Old and New Testaments; if God is good, then why have evil? The uniqueness of mankind, the scientific truth about evolution, and the beauty of the cosmos and the distinct gift of our animal kingdom are also addressed.

  • Ten powerful chapters inside one lethal book.

Lethal Faith Conferences

We believe that one of the first lines of defense is to strengthen the nuclear family. Our children are leaving the faith in numbers not acceptable. Therefore, we must ask why, and more importantly what can we do about it. The good news is there is a large amount of research developing as to why children keep the faith. Today, a child's values are set by age six and their worldview by age thirteen. We are not loosing our children in college. College is the place we send them for slaughter. TNBP is criss-crossing America with our Lethal Faith Conference that empowers parents, church leadership, and the children and youth themselves to defend their faith (1 Peter 3:14). These conferences directly speak to the critics of Christianity.


Why is there suffering in this world when God is supposed to be good?


How can you trust the Bible after scientist and archaeological science has proven it wrong?

We offer student conferences and/or convention or church services directed to eight Lethal Faith issues.


We came out with a Media Kit and want to share an electronic version with you! Click the button below to get a copy of your exciting Lethal Faith Media Kit Resource!




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The Never Before Project is currently scheduling our 2020-2021 calendar for our Lethal Faith Conference Tour. Call and discuss the possibilities of a Lethal Faith youth camp, district youth rally, both Jr. or Sr. high youth meetings, a Sunday Morning special family service, or training for your Christian educators!

Many christian leaders are at a loss regarding what they need to do to stop the hemorrhaging among their children who are leaving their faith and their church at an alarming rate. Empower your volunteers today! The Never Before Project can help you host a one or multi-day training event for religious educators. It is designed on the latest science of retention from some of the best social scientists in the field. The future faith of your children is too precious to simply risk to luck. KNOW what you need to do to increase retention.

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