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Justin Holobrook
Justin Holbrook 2_edited.jpg

Justin Holobrook

Coordinator for The United States

Justin Holbrook is the Lead Pastor of the Pinsonfork Church of God, located in the Appalachian Region of Eastern Kentucky, his home church. Justin has Pastored throughout the state of Kentucky and also served as Youth Pastor. 

Justin has a Masters in Youth and Family Discipleship from Lee University and also has a BS from Lee in Pastoral Ministry. 

Justin’s spoken at several large events and conferences throughout the world, including being the keynote speaker for International Youth Conferences.


Justin has a passion and a heart for reaching this generation. His church at Pinsonfork is a thriving church for all generations, including flourishing high school, middle school, and elementary age ministries! 

Before pastoring, Justin was a sportswriter, where he covered various sports events throughout the country. As a sportswriter, Justin’s career was highlighted by becoming a beat-writer for the University of Kentucky athletic programs. He wrote and attended several large events, including College Football Bowl games and the College Basketball Final Four. 

Justin and his wife Leann have been married for five years and have one daughter, Everleigh Faith Holbrook.



State Director Ohio

Nathan Harvey is currently serving as the Young Adult Pastor and the Media Pastor at Sandusky Church of God. Presently in the MIP for Ordained Minister Credential Program for the Church of God, Nathan has his Exhorter License.

Chris Woods

Nathan Harvey


State Director Ohio

Nathan Harvey is currently serving as the Young Adult Pastor and the Media Pastor at Sandusky Church of God. Presently in the MIP for Ordained Minister Credential Program for the Church of God, Nathan has his Exhorter License.

Nathan Harvey

Clayton Gunderson

State Director Tennessee

chris yuen photo.jpeg

Chris Yuen


State Director Hawaii

Chris Yuen
Arik Nabie edit - 7-10-23.jpg


New York.png

State Director New York

Arik is currently a pastor of the Pursuit Faith Youth Ministry. He studied Computer Information Systems at St. John's University. 

Arik Nabie
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Matthew Jarvis


State Director Louisiana 

Mathew studied at Lee University in Tennesse. He is now the pastor at Crossbridge Church in California. He has been the pastor at Crossbridge for over two years.

Matthew Jarvis
Stephen Lyons_edited_edited.jpg

Stephen Lyons


Resource for High Risk Adolence

Bishop Stephen Lyons is the Pastor of Unity Worship Center, located in Lexington, Kentucky. He has been a pastor and worship leader for 14 years. He was called to ministry while facing twenty to life in one city and a ten year sentence in another. At the time that God called him, he was a Sunni Muslim. While in jail, Bishop Lyons had an experience with Jesus Christ that forever changed his life. After several amazing moves of God, Pastor Lyons was released from jail only serving three years. Shortly after his release he met his wife and best friend, Miriam Lyons. They have been married 14 years. He has seven children and eight grandchildren. Pastor Lyons and Miriam together founded Growth Temple Ministries, which went on to merge with another church to become Unity Worship Center, where he is the current Senior Pastor. He has served this church for seven years. 

Bishop Lyons is an author, motivational speaker, and mentor. He is the creator of a program called the “Self Improvement Movement”, which is currently being developed. Bishop Lyons is also a member of “Every Town Survivor Network”. He is passionate about the lives of young men and works tirelessly in the war against gun violence. He also mentors those who are incarcerated and transitioning back into society.  Pastor Lyons served on the Kentucky State Youth board and currently serves on the Church of God Kentucky Missions and Church Planning board

Stephen Lyons
David White photo_edited.jpg


Resource for State Youth Directors

David is currently the youth and discipleship director at Kentucky Church of God. He studied at California State University in Fresno. He is a former NFL writer for the San Francisco Chronicle. 

David White
Buddy Simpson_edited.jpg


District Leader for Kentucky

Buddy Simpson is an Ordained Bishop with the Church of God and District Overseer in Harlan County.  A retired Kentucky State Police Trooper. He currently pastors the Wallins Church of God.

Buddy Simpson
Dana Holloman_edited.jpg

Dana Holliman

Resource Director for Single Moms and 

Dana has been in ministry for 25 + years working with youth and young adults, a licensed minister through the Church of God (Cleveland, TN).  She served in Ireland as the National Youth Director for 15 years. She started many projects there, one of them being WakeUP Ireland which brought many young people together throughout the year through leadership training conferences, youth conferences and raising awareness for social justice events. Currently living in the United States, she is serving through evangelism and leadership training conferences. Dana is a missionary, speaker, life coach, visionary, founder, advocate, mother, dog owner and Jesus lover!


She is the founder of Single Handed Families which is a ministry to empower, inspire and encourage single parents and their children. She holds a BA in Communication Studies, along with multiple leadership and personal coaching certificates and accreditations. She is currently studying to get her Masters in Crisis Counselling. Through her knowledge, life skills and experiences Dana brings a variety of activities and strategies that will help you and/or your team be successful in their tomorrow. Dana wants to bring empowerment and the best out of people as they strive to excel in the best them, they can bring.

Dana Holloman

Robert Truelove


Arkansas Director

Robert Truelove currently serves as the Associate Pastor at the Velvet Ridge Church of God in Bald Knob, Arkansas where he served as the Student Pastor for 2 years. Before serving at Velvet Ridge, Robert served in a variety of ministries including student ministry, young adult ministry, music ministry, teaching Sunday school, and serving the local church body as a councilmember. 

Robert has a BS from Lee University in Bible and Theology.


Robert has a love of teaching a biblical fundamentals and how the Bible can be applied to daily life. He believes that the more we come to know who God is, the more we will love him and seek to worship him through our daily lives. 


Before the opportunity to serve in full time ministry, Robert worked in manufacturing and construction fields which instilled both a hard work ethic, as well as a love for the building process which God works in us spiritually every day. 


Robert and his wife Kayla have been married for 14 years and have 3 daughters, Isabella, Sadie, and Madelyn.

Robert Truelove
John Kilavos_edited.jpg

John Kilavos

State Director Indiana 

John Kilavos
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