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HIV/AIDS: We specifically are involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS, even receiving the prestigious Joseph F. Miller Humanitarian Award by the Tri-State AIDS Holiday Project.

The NBP has been working with HIV/AIDS partnering with others around the world. Great organizations such as Matthew 25 Project, World Vision, YWEA, Jerusalem Project, etc. We will strongly that our money should make a difference. There is nothing wrong with wealth but only if you own it, it does not own you. Take a look at our current project:


Empower Nepal

There are over 20,000 villages at the base of the Himalayas Mountains that have NO Christian church. Young men and women are ready to go, however, they need the right training material translated into their language and through their culture lenses. Partnering with The Global Church Network (Billionsoul), we are challenging our entire network to mobile their youth groups to help us translate church planting material into their language.

The Youth Group Christmas Tree Project

Did you know that 60% of Iran is made up of young people ages 15-24?

There are literally thousands of Farsi speaking people (Iranians) who are now refugees because of their Christian beliefs. Thousands of children and youth will not enjoy Christmas this year if you don’t help. Christmas is actually a greatly celebrated holiday in Iran! Call us today to synergize hope for thousands of Iranian children who would love to hear from their brothers and sisters in Christ from around the world.​

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