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As Dr. Michael Knight stood in the land of Turkey, he was unaware of how his life was about to change. As he passed through to a meeting with the underground church in the Middle East, he stood in the Istanbul Archaeological Museum. It was there he found himself staring at an ancient glazed brick. This was no ordinary brick, for this was one of the bricks thatNebuchadnezzar II used to decorate the Processional Way, known as the Gates of Ishtar. A glazed lion adorned the entrance to the great city of Babylon, which was most probably the gates young Daniel and other Judean exiles would have entered after the destruction of Jerusalem in 586 B.C. He realized the power of this brick to speak to today’s adolescents,families, and church leaders, because it wasn’t just a brick—it was “lethal faith.”The Scripture asks a question which all of us must answer: “For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?” (NKJV). As for the Christian community, we stand in danger of winning this world and losing our own children from the faith we teach. The research on attrition and retention is clear—one of the reasons we are losing ourchildren is the failure to address the historical validity of Scripture. Many believe the science of archaeology has well-established the fact that the Bible is wrong. Some even erroneously assume if the Bible cannot be trusted as a historical fact, then the rest of its message must be fiction as well. Sadly, we have told the grand stories of our Holy Book as if they werenothing more than fairytales. They are not fairytales wrapped in a moral lesson, but real lives exemplifying a new moral way!Lethal Faith will help students, families, and the people who lead them to clarify the historical truths of the world’s greatest moral stories. Read it with your children on your lap, in your Sunday school classes, and teach it from your place of influence, as a new generation engages a “lethal faith!”

Lethal Faith - Vol. 1

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