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In a constant battle with secular ideas, the world has enabled our children and youth to leave the church - making them think that 'God isn't so good after all since there is so much suffering in the world,' or 'the Bible is just rewritten over and over again over the last thousands of years so it must not be accurate,' to concepts even as broad as 'evolution must be real because a museum or my text book says we did.'

Our future in the church and of the church lies within the ability for students, parents, and those who lead them, to strategically develop the ability to  defend their faith. The Lethal Faith Movement, alongside The Never Before Project, vow to equip these leaders. We've lost our last child in the church.

If you would like to donate to this revolution, please click on the link below.





Checks should be made to:

The Never Before Project

1055 N. Main St.

Madisonville, KY. 42431

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