Our main goal is to unite teens and young adults of like-faith and bring them together to worship the one God, in one mind, to cause a tidal wave of revival all over the world - once city at a time!


RACE creates synergy in communities where it serves as a conduit for resources such as apologetics, creates an organic passion in adolescents for the local church, and authentic researched data to enable those teaching the young. We have laughed RACE in 3 different regions in Kentucky. The most recent was in Louisville where we had almost 300 in attendance and lots of diversity in ethnicity and organizations. At this Louisville launch in early 2018, we were able to raise enough money to plant 10 churches in Nepal, which is RACE’s current mission project.


If you are interested in being a part of this powerful global movement amongst this generation, call our Never Before Project office at (270) 825-3513.


RACE Opportunities

  1. Host a RACE Rally.

  2. Start a RACE team in your area.

  3. Get involved in RACE music.

  4. Become a certified RACE Trainer.

  5. Travel all over the world to launch RACE


RACE Resources

  1. Lethal Faith (Apologetics)

  2. A huge network of the young and those who lead the young.

  3. The Global Coaching Network


To Get Involved

1. Sign up today!

Join the movement of a global relational network with people just like you who have a heart for adolescent work.​

2. Join our team!

We are looking for Lethal Faith State, District, Regional, National and Global leaders to help us lead the network of adolescent professionals in your area.​

3. Sponsor a RACE Rally in your area!

4. Book a Lethal Faith Conference!

5. Marketing!

Share with ALL of your friends through social media to help us get the word out​! You are no longer alone! We've lost our last child from the church!​

For more information, contact us below.